Shaolin Black Dragon

When you hear the words Kung Fu, certain images come to mind.

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Well yes, those are some of the images that come to mind.

But those are not what Shaolin Black Dragon Kung Fu does.  Most of the time.

The origins of Shaolin Black Dragon starts in 714 AD, with the founder of our style, Wu, Chen Pai.  Our style of Kung Fu was passed down through many, many generations of Father to son.  Presently, Professor Ike Bear is the Lineage Holder and the head of the Shaolin Black Dragon Kung Fu School.

So while the previous pictures show what most people think Kung Fu is, this is what our school looks like.

Patrick Ike Chase Ike

We train hard in the classroom, so in an actual self defense situation we don’t panic and get injured.  We study the traditional Kung Fu forms, passed down through the years, in addition to modern self-defense techniques.  As you advance through our belt system, you begin to learn classical Kung Fu Weapons, such as the Long Staff, Short Staff, Butterfly Swords, and many more.


We respect and uphold the Eight Virtues of the Shaolin.


We work with local schools, teaching the kids self-defense and the tradition Kung Fu.

But we do more than just teach martial arts and self defense.


Hosting a fund raiser for Camp Hope, a non-for profit that helps wounded veterans.


We had Oct 23rd, 2010 declared “National Martial Arts Day” in Missouri, to honor our instructor Professor Ike Bear, for all of his years of dedication to the Arts.


Pagan Picnic

We participate in local events and festivals, such as Pagan Picnic, Pride St. Louis, and many more.

 Kung Fu is not all about fighting.  It is about forging new friendships, improving yourself,  helping your community, and most importantly, having fun.



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